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Yellow-crowned Night Heron - South Carolina

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Joe Kegley | E-Mail | Updated 05-10-08

The following is a nature video of a Yellow-crowned Night Heron stalking crayfish in the Francis Beidler Forest, also known as Four Holes Swamp. This particular bird had about a 50% hit ratio when striking the crayfish. He ate very well.

While easily spooked, I find the Night Herons at Beidler will eventually calm down if you move slowly and don't show them attention. This bird let me observe him stalking crayfish for about 30 minutes before moving on.

It was difficult trying to control the lighting in this video. The bird was in and out of the shadows and sunlight. Regardless of the poor quality of this video, I thought it interesting enough to share. I particularly like his display after finishing off the crayfish in the video.

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