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Francis Beidler Forest - South Carolina

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Joe Kegley | E-Mail | Updated 05-17-08

The following nature video is a spring 2008 compilation (Mar, April, and May) of Francis Beidler Forest, also known as Four Holes Swamp in South Carolina. The footage includes bald cypresses, Prothonotary Warblers, a Yellow-crowned Night Heron, Barred Owls, a Pileated Woodpecker, green (Carolina) anoles, a cottonmouth, and an alligator. All footage was shot off of the boardwalk except for the green anoles, which was shot elsewhere in Francis Beidler.

While the boardwalk offers excellent access into the swamp, the vibrations from people walking on the boardwalk affect the video quality. On some sections of the boardwalk, even when I was alone, my breathing seemed enough to shake the camcorder when it was zoomed fully out.

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