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  • 04/27/15 From Nesting to Fledging - Great Horned Owls by Robert Strickland

    Chronicling of the Great Horned Owls was very rewarding. I was able to photograph a family of Great Horned Owls from the nesting, feeding and the fledging of two Great Horned Owlets in their own environment.


  • 05/30/13 Florida Alligator Hunting by Randy Clark

    So you want to try your hand at alligator hunting in Florida. Well first off you need to get lucky in the lottery or at least have a buddy who is lucky. Alligator tags are transferable in Florida. You try for two CITES tags and an Alligator Trapping License in the first phase of the random lottery draw. The application period for the random drawing to assign permits for the Statewide Alligator Harvest Program will begin at 10 A.M. on April 29 and run through 11:59 P.M. on May 12.


  • 07/14/11 Hunters of the Night - the Barn Owl by Larry Hitchens

    Not long ago I got a request from the Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife for some photos and it occurred to me to ask if they would be able to assist me in getting a Barn Owl photo. Much to my surprise the reply was "Sure, we're getting ready to band the Barn Owls next week and you're welcome to come along". The following photos were taken on this outing.

  • 03/31/11 For the Love of Owls by Jim Flowers

    I've been fascinated by owls since my childhood when I'd spend summers and the Christmas holidays on my grandparents farm in rural Louisiana and my evenings on their front porch. There I would listen to the hoots and chuckles of the Barred Owl in the nearby swamp on balmy summer nights or the romantic messages of a Great Horned Owl pair high in the surrounding pines during their mid winter courtship.

  • 01/07/11 Quest for the Belted Kingfisher by Steve Ellwood

    Over the years few birds have presented a greater challenge for me to photograph than the Belted Kingfisher. Like many I was impressed by the speed and keen fishing skills these birds possess as well as their striking looks. I became convinced that if I were to approach carefully with enough patience I would succeed at capturing the close up that I pictured in my mind.

  • 01/01/11 Fort Motte Jail - South Carolina by Joe Kegley

    There's not much left of the twentieth century town of Fort Motte. In fact, the ruins of an old jail and an abandon post office are all that remain of a once thriving trade center for the local farming community. Like many other small farming communities, the town evolved next to a railroad track. At one period Fort Motte was a shipping point for farming produce, cotton, and timber.


  • 05/28/10 COWASEE Basin Focus Area by John Cely

    COWASEE is short for the Congaree/Wateree/Upper Santee River system. The focus area contains about 215,000 acres. The zone stretches north to south following the Wateree River starting from I-20 in Kershaw South Carolina and terminates near the railroad trestle at Upper Lake Marion between Rimini and Lone Star. The focus area also includes the section of the Congaree River from its intersection with I-77 then south to where it merges with the Wateree.

  • 02/01/10 Trillium in the South by Will Stuart

    Of the 20 or so species of Trillium native to the Southeast, several like relict trillium, have very limited geographic distribution. Trillium species are categorized as either sessile or pedicillate. In the 20 species of sessile trillium, a single blossom sits directly on the whorl of leaves. In the 15 remaining species, the blossoms develop from a flower stalk (pedicel) extending above, or nodding below, the leaves.


  • 11/22/09 Elk Capital of the East, Knott County Kentucky ... by Randy Lawson

    Knott County Kentucky has been declared the "Elk Capital of the East". Located just northeast of the town of Hindman, the most popular spot for elk viewing is off KY-1098. Here you'll find Elk View Drive, heart of Kentucky Elk Country.

  • 11/02/09 The Year That Almost Wasn't ... by Gary Carter and Janice Carter

    I guess every photographer runs into times when they just don't seem to be up to par, wonder if their eye sight is still good and if they've lost their ability to find photographable subjects. This has been one of those years for me.

  • 09/17/09 Birds of Prey by Robert Kemmerlin

    My interest in birds of prey began at an early age when I ran across a book at the library called "Lost on Hawk Mountain", Follett Pub. Co., 1954. A story about a boy stranded on top of a mountain ...

  • 08/23/09 Paradise ... South Carolina Style, Lake Marion by Don Wuori

    It's not often that we nature photographers are able to find a location that provides it all. Lake Marion is such a place. In addition to raptors, long-legged waders, waterfowl, and various songbirds there are opportunities to photograph landscapes, plants, flowers, insects, alligators, snakes, and mammals.

  • 08/18/09 Where the Chipmunk's Run ... Wild West Virginia by Gary Carter and Janice Carter

    The photographic possibilities in the land of Canaan Valley are endless. Around any bend in the road (and there are plenty of bends) you're apt to see some type of natural wonder. Black bear, chipmunk, grouse, turkey, white-tailed deer, songbirds, scenic scenes, and wildflowers all abound in the area.

  • 07/25/09 Choosing a Canoe for Wildlife Photography by Joe Kegley

    It's no secret that many wildlife photographers use a canoe or kayak. Choosing a canoe or kayak can be a challenging task. There are hundreds of models from various brand names to select from. Choosing a self propelled watercraft for use with a 500mm lens and tripod definitely narrows down the field a bit.

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