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  • Reasons to Camp

    Why would someone want to camp?

  • Tents

    Tents come in various shapes and functional designs such as A-frame, dome, cabin style, two-season, three-season, and four-season. A few features and accessories to be aware of include: degree of ventilation, the size, whether the tent is free-standing, type of stakes, tent pads, and seam sealant.

  • Sleeping Bags

    Topics discussed in this section include sleeping bag design: mummy, rectangular, or semi-rectangular. Also discussed are filler material: down or synthetic. Temperature ratings, storage, sleeping pads, and air mattresses are also expanded upon.

  • Camping First Aid Kit

    One can purchase a complete first aid kit for camping or make one on their own, or create an enhanced version of a purchased first aid kit with personal additions.

  • Camping Gear

    Camping gear to consider includes flashlights/headlamps, lanterns, stoves, storage containers, tools, and hygiene items.

  • Camping Guidelines

    This section includes guidelines for selecting a camp site, tent usage, going solo, food storage, and other miscellaneous topics.

  • Camping Checklist

    This page contains an all-inclusive checklist of items we have used when camping at one time or another.

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